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Industrial Basics - Sewing Salon - wk 9/10

Occurs Every Monday & Thursday
Industrial Basics - Sewing Salon - wk 9/10

Industrial Machine Basics - Sewing Salon - this is a NEW program @ TSL and is part of a 40 week course offered to give in depth training in sewing using Industrial Straight needle machines and limited exposure to Industrial serger machines. If you are signing up for this course you are agreeing to up to 40 weeks of instruction including ; Industrial sewing, Domestic Sewing and Entrepreneurial training. You will have multiple classes during the week with a combination of in person and Virtual and homework is expected. In addition you will have the opportunity to be exposed to local Kansas City companies using sewing in their business thru site tours, online job fairs and possible internships. Students will also be exposed to "live sewing products" so that you get a true understanding of the expectation of sewing in a real job situation. Scholarships and student stipends are available for those who qualify.

Industrial course consists of; In-person Industrial Machine Sewing - Monday & Thursday - 1:30 - 4:30,
Entrepreneurial Virtual on Tuesdays (can be viewed online) and Domestic machine course to follow

If you have additional questions - please call.

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