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Face Masks

Kits are available for masks while supplies last for FREE!.  We are not actively collecting made masks for re-distribution, but, you are welcome to make them for yourselves or your friends and family.  

Thank you for considering to volunteer for The Mask Project.

Volunteers are integral to our organization, and we are excited to provide many different opportunities.   The Mask Project has many components from start to finish and volunteers are needed at all levels.  You DO NOT have to sew to be helpful.  We want everyone to be safe so we have limited the number of workers allowed to work at The Sewing Labs location so we ask that you contact us in advance before coming to work.  Most of these jobs can be done at your home, but are reoccurring each week.

Here is a listing of the jobs needing filled:

Washing and preparing fabrics for kits - use a regular wash cycle with a hot dryer and NO fabric softener.  If fabric is excessively wrinkled please press after drying.

Pre - cut cotton fabrics into 6" x 9" sizes - this is the sized needed for the "general purpose" mask. 

Pre - cut elastic - need it cut into 5 yards lengths - 5 yards will make 12 makes

Pre - cut interfacing - each mask requires a 6" x 9" layer of interfacing

Preparing printed materials - instructions, kit materials sheet and other papers are provided in each kit -  printing, folding or cutting needed in advance to place in kits

Correlating kit materials - each kit consists of many parts that need gathered together and placed in zip lock bags for distribution

Sewing masks -  a simple design but, there are some options on construction based on the current inventory of materials available.  The Mask body is primarily the same but, some are made with elastic and some with ties.

Pickup & Drop Off Drive thru Personnel needed - 2 persons are used to man the curbside drive thru on Tuesdays from 10-2 @ 526 Campbell KCMO

Quality Control of completed mask - each mask is inspected to assure that the construction is stable and design is uniform - KC_Helps supervises this step.

Re-packing & distribution - currently partnering with We Can KC and KC_Helps for redistribution to agencies needing masks.

Data collection - person needed to enter information into a data base to assure we are fulfilling the community needs

Follow up communications as needed.

Let us know how you want to volunteer and we will get started!  THANK YOU for being a positive force in your community!

If you haven't already, click here to complete the volunteer application form.  We can then get you signed up for this project!  Thank you for supporting The Sewing Labs during the pandemic!

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