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6th Annual Gratitude & Grace Retreat

Be a Member of our Gratitude & Grace Quilt group. We are very excited about this fundraiser, a quilting retreat.  Join our kindred spirit group of sharing/learning the art of quilting.  This year's quilt pattern is “Nestologie Quilt” by Sarah Made. 

What to Expect:

We currently do not offer overnight stay - hotel reservation information is available for local stay.

Friday Night – Doors open & check in starting @ 5 pm.  Gathering starts @ 6 pm.  We will gather to get to know each other.

Participate in Sew-N-Tell and have a round table talk.  Set-up sewing stations.  Quilt Pattern & fabrics will be distributed. Snacks served.

Saturday – Doors open @ 7;30 am Continental Breakfast available @ 8– 8:30am   7:30 am – Morning Yoga session – Optional. Sewing Room rules & overview explained.  Finish sewing Station set up & overview of quilt design explained. Cutting instructions and off we go!!!!  Lunch break @ 12 noon – serving thru 1pm.  Sewing throughout the day, Dinner served @ 5- 6 pm.  Trunk show of a selected designer will be following dinner @ approximately 7 pm for those who want to participate. Sewing room is open until 10 pm.

** Special YOGA session taught to stretch you out from sewing – by TBA **

Stash Bash – we have selected a special inventory of fabrics, notions and more – many vintage sales will support TSL – Exclusive to the G&G Attendees

Sunday – Door open @ 8 am Continental Breakfast available from 8 - 8:30am.  Sewing & sewing throughout the day.  Quick Tips lesson @ 11 am.  Roundtable focusing on Gratitude during lunch.  Lunch served 12-1.  Finishing up & preparing to leave by 2 pm.

Snacks – We encourage you to bring a snack to share with the group – these snacks will be available at all times in the Community Center Kitchen area. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED

**Children are not allowed at the retreat – Age limit – 13 & beyond.  Young sewers must have prior sewing experience & be accompanied with an adult.

Register online @

We are "SEW" excited to announce that Luke Haynes will be our guest Quilt Artist @ the Gratitude & Grace Quilt Retreat this year @ The Sewing Labs. His work in portraits in quilts as well as sustainable sewing is filled with passion and awe!!!

You can purchase a "Donation Ticket" just for Luke's trunk show and lecture on Saturday from 5-7pm

Follow this link to buy ticket  Luke Haynes Trunk Show

"Subverting the traditional quilting form by integrating modern concepts, his art transforms the comfortably familiar into the visually evocative. Luke Haynes was born and raised across the American South. With a formal training in art and architecture at Cooper Union, New York, Haynes continues to experiment with quilting art while exploring art and architecture across the globe.

A chance encounter with a box of fabric remnants sparked Mr. Haynes' imagination. His first quilt, measuring 7′ x 10′, led him through years of experimentation and improvements over the years that he has been quilting. Further honing his style, Mr. Haynes developed a system to piece manageable parts into a larger whole, applying a modern design sense to a familiar process. He uses reclaimed materials from the communities he works with to speak with the textile language of the area.

Follow him @

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