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Classes & Training 

Through our programs and services, we offer a variety of training "tracks" as well as just some fun classes.

Browse our Class Schedule to pick what interests you and sign up to receive notice when the classes are offered.

Basic Sewing -  focus on sewing from the first step of turning on your sewing machine & operation, tools of trade including needles and threads.  Then adding the fundamentals of sewing starting with seams, seam finishes, hems and more.  Each lesson builds on the skills already taught.

Garment Construction - focus on skills required for fabrication of clothing items, typically constructed on home machines. Learn the "lingo" of sewing garments and how to do each one.  Build on each skill and grow your reference library as you grow your learning.  Starting with basic garments and adding complexity as you learn.

Industrial / Commercial Skills - focused on specialty skills required by industrial, commercial, or manufacturing applications using commercial machines.  Straight needle, serger, blind hem, upholstery and cover stitch machines are taught.

Crafts - focused on smaller items suitable for home use or entrepreneurial activities (Etsy shops, for example)

Quilting - focuses on techniques for planning, constructing, and finishing quilts

Artisan - highly customized or specialized techniques for the production of distinctive one-of-a-kind items

Entrepreneurial - focused on contract fulfillment, mass production, alterations, and other money-making endeavors.

** Limited Fee Waivers available for classes - Full or Partial payment of fees - fill out enrollment application for consideration.  


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