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Sew Connected -Apprenticeship Opportunities

Friday, June 24, 2022
8:00 am10:00 am

June - Conversation about Apprenticeship Opportunities with The Sewing Labs

Are you a Sewn Product Professional looking to "find your people" Sew Connected is a face-to-face meet up were we gather for FREE to build conversations and connection about our industry. Each month we gather for coffee and a short talk about what is important to us and supporting the Industry of Sewing Professionals.

What is a "Sewing Professional"? We define it as the following groups, but, if you think we left someone out - Let us know!
* Sewn Product Professional - Cut & Sew Manufacturers, Factories, Micro-factories, Custom Sewist - person/businesses being hired to sew a product in relationship to textiles like; fashion or clothing, accessories, home goods and more.
* Designers - product designers using textiles or fiber as their medium. This could include Fashion Designer, Surface Pattern Designers, Product designer.
* Supplies/Vendor - Businesses that sell the supplies needed to create the items listed above - typically wholesalers. Possible shop owners.
While we welcome most everyone - Professional Persons within the Sewing Industry is the focus. We are building this community of talented people who are eager to share and collaborate to rise each other up

These gathering are currently hosted by The Sewing Labs at The Sewing Labs - 526 Campbell, KCMO 64106
Please register beforehand and reserve your spot!

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