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Do you want to take your sewing to the next level?

Rent an Industrial or Specialty machine @ The Sewing Labs

TSL has a collection of state of the art, professional, industrial and specialty machines that are available to rent.

Each machine is well maintained and regularly cleaned, oiled and needles changed to keep them running at their best.

You can rent a machine in-store by the hour to grow your business or to improve your skills.  

  • To rent a machines you must attend a Machine Operator & Safety class for the machine you are renting.  This class covers threading the machine, winding & loading the bobbin, adjust tensions for proper sewing, changing needles and more.  Class is typically offered monthly.
  • If you have NOT sewn before, you will NOT be allowed to rent our a machine.  Please enroll in Basic sewing first.
  • Renting a machine is for a 2-4 hour block of time and includes using only 1 sewing machine and the use of a section of one of our cutting tables, and access to our classroom tools. Block of time is determined by the type of machine you select.  Refer to actual machine listing for time block.
  • All materials such as thread, fabrics, notions and trims should be supplied by the renter.
  • Machine Rental times are limited  - please refer to the session noted when registering.

Rental is a 2-4 hour block .  Block of time is determined by the type of machine you select to rent.

Industrial Straight Stitch & Sergers 

Rental Safety & Operator Class is a 2 - 2.5 hour class Fee $ 65 - both types of machines included

Rental Fee for these machines is - Block of 4 hours $20 (can be split)

Misc. Industrial Machines - Blind Hem, Upholstery, Coverstitch

Rental Safety & Operator Class is a 2.5 hour class - Fee $40 per machine

Rental Fee for these machines is - Block of 4 hours - $30 (can be split)

Commercial Longarm Quilting Machine  - REGISTER FOR THIS UNDER LONGARM QUILTING

Rental Safety & Operator Class - 4 hour session - Fee $80

Rental Fee - Block of 2 hours = $50 ($15 for each additional hours - time is charged in 15 minute increments)

Commercial Embroidery Machine  - COMING SOON

Rental Safety & Operation Class - 4 hour session - Fee $80

Rental Fee  - Block of 2 hours = $25


Kansai WX8803MG

The WX series is a flatbed, high speed, high performance machine with top and bottom coverstitch from 1 needle (LX) to 4 needle (WX8842-1), to be applied for any type of fabric and operation like plain stitch, covering, attaching elastic lace, taping, attaching pocket facing, shell stitching plus tape binding, and more. Most suitable for knit and stretch fabrics in order to achieve uniform, flexible and beautiful stitch formations Stitch length can be adjusted by push button easily (max. 4mm, 6 stitch/inch).

Rental is a 4 hour block for $20. All time must be used within the same business day.

Minimum $20 purchase required.

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