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Certificate vs. Certifcation

Sewing is our Pathway to Success

The Sewing Labs (TSL) offers Certificates and Certifications at many levels of sewing skills with the goal for the student to master skills that they can then put into play to gain self-reliance, self-confidence and financial self-sufficiency.  TSL certification programs are designed to teach each participant detailed skills in sewing and related fields along with practical applications such as hands-on projects to practice and reinforce each skill learned.  Also, within our Sewing Salon Training Program, TSL secures site visits to active real workrooms with sewing entrepreneurs and businesses in the Kansas City marketplace so that our students see firsthand what to expect. TSL partners with these businesses to know what jobs and technical sewing skills are needed and expected to secure employment.

We offer the following Certifications:

  • Phase 1 - Domestic
    • Basic Sewing - Part 1 - Machine Operations & Tools of the Trade
    • Basic Sewing - Part 2 - Fundamental Sewing Skills
  • Phase 2  - Domestic
    • Intro to Garments - Patterns, Textiles and Garment terminology
    • Garment Construction - Components of garments with construction
  • Phase 3 - Domestic
    • Serger Basics
    • Mastering Knits
  • Phase 4 - Industrial 
    • Machine Operations & Safety
    • Production Processes
  • Phase 5  Longarm Quilting  ( coming in 2022)

See Syllabus for more information.

Certification Programs consist of various # of weeks of instruction with required homework.  We are serious to teach in depth fundamental skills to assure that you will be ready for all elements of sewing.  So, we expect you to follow up with practice and homework each week to assure that you are learning and building your skills.

Certificate of Achievement  - is awarded upon successful completion of course of study including testing and portfolio of samples turned in for critique (if applicable)

Certification of Achievement - is awarded if Mastery of or competency in specific knowledge, skill or process that will be measured against a set of accepted standards.  These skills will be presented by a portfolio of samples of required work turned in and critiqued by instructor.

**Basic Sewing Part 1 is a pre-requisite for all other Phases but, testing out is available.


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